Monday, February 9, 2009

How To Become Anorexic Diet

If you want a diet that will teach you how to become anorexic you are looking for a way to lose weight to a point that your body will be at 80% of the average weight of others. A lot of websites are pushing the idea of weight loss by giving out pro anorexia tips and flogging the idea that you can choose to become anorexic. They are under the misunderstanding that you can chose to become anorexic for a while to lose weight with a new diet and then stop being anorexia and go on with your life and your new thin and sleek body. Nothing is farther from the truth. You can not turn it on and off like a light switch. This is a psychiatric illness that describes an eating disorder. It is not a new way to lose weight.
Pro anorexia websites do not tell you the physical sides of the ailment. When people are afflicted with this disorder they have a unrealistic view of their body and thus develop an intense fear of being overweight or obese. Sufferers are willing to do anything in order to get their body mass index as low as possible. People who are looking for tips on how to become anorexia are looking for ways to decrease their weight so much that it actually causes physical harm to their bodies instead of shaping their bodies into their view of beauty.

Anorexia Images

If you think you want to learn how to become anorexic then visit some of the websites that have anorexic photos and anorexia images on them. These girls and boys, yes 10% of people suffering from this disorder are male anorexics, are not beautiful. They look like survivors from a concentration camp or people caught in the wilderness with no food to eat. They are not the epitome of a healthy, beautiful body. These pictures of anorexic people show the results of an eating disorder not a diet regimen that will make you look like a movie star. Most people do not understand the true consequences of this psychiatric illness until they view these anorexic pics and see how devastating a life of unrealistic dieting, purging, and nonstop exercising can be.

Anorexic Queen

As I said above, about 10% of people who are afflicted are male anorexics. It used to be believed that only teenage girls could develop this eating disorder but we are now finding that all types of people can be affected. A new development in the gay community is the anorexic queen. These are gay young men who have an unrealistic view of their bodies and who buy in to the mistaken belief that they can heal their pain by controlling how much they eat. An anorexic queen is really fairly rare but again people of normal weight are having the mistaken belief that it is a great new diet and weight loss plan. If you want to lose weight, even fast weight loss, there are good healthy programs you can join and utilize. The first step is to visit a health care provider and find out if you are really overweight or not. Please, if they say you are of normal weight and yet you still have a strong desire to lose weight and view your body as being fat, talk to the doctor or nurse about that.
Anorexia nervosa is not something to play around with and make light of. People who suffer from this can literally starve themselves to death. Changes in the body as a result of this affliction are the same as those of people who are staving which makes sense because that is what is happening to the body. Some of these symptoms are stunting of growth, hair loss, hair growth on unwanted parts of the body, decreased sex drive, impotence in males, reduction in white blood cell count, decrease immune system functioning, pale and sunken complexion, tooth decay, headaches, and nervous system damage. This does not sound to me like a recipe for an attractive body.
This website is not meant to treat anorexia. That requires professional help which can lead the sufferer back from the brink and show them how to develop of realistic body view. If you think you might be anorexic please talk to your doctor or other health care professional now. don't wait as you are playing with fire.
This site is for the people who want to lose weight and think that leaning how to become anorexia can help them in this goal. They hear about pro anorexia tips and pro anna websites and develop the mistaken idea that this is a great way to diet and lose a few pounds. Even if there were no such thing as anorexia, this type of rapid and extreme weight loss is unhealthy and not sustainable. People who diet and exercise to achieve quick weight loss almost always gain the weight back and even more when they go back to their old eating and exercise habits. Tips on becoming anorexic and pro anorexia websites are not the places to look. Instead, develop a healthy eating pattern that gives you enough calories for a well balanced body but not so many empty calories that you are above your desired body mass index.

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  1. its a lie... guys do want the skinny girls in this world... even when ur dating a guy and he says "i dont date skinny girls, i like girls with curves" he was lying because most of the time they cheat on you with one of the skinniest girls from ur school... u dont believe it because of what he told u but then u no its true because your friends tell you its true and SKINNY IS THE IMAGE NOW... im not for being anorexic but thats how it is!!!! i am anorexic and its very difficult when this happens to u all the time and u stop eating and dont lose weight... its all bullshyt... life is...