Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do You Overeat With Friends

If you are looking to choose anorexia tips as a way to lose weight then you probably don't know how to make good choices about food. Food has become a mondy on your back instead of a way to get fuel to keep your body healthy and energized. One way this can happen is if you have friends who try to undermine you desire to lose weight.
Have you ever been in a situation where you don't want to eat but your friend says lets stop at the fudge store? And if you say you don't want to your friend looks at you unapprovingly or even makes a negative comment about you wanting to be healthy? This is classic behavior of an alcoholic or addict's friends. The friend want to continue with the unhealthy behavior so he or she puts pressure on the person who wants to quit the behavior.
Look around at you friends and family and see if this happens to you. Do you make the choice to only eat healthy foods and then when you try to live up to that desire do your friends and family shoot you down. This is a big problem when people are trying to lose weight. You have two choices you can build up your self confidence to the point where you are willing to make the healthy choices over our family and friend's desires. Or you can not associate with people who shoot down your dieting and healthy living lifestyle.
There have been numerous studies done that show who a person associates with has a large impact on how fat the person is. People who associate with other fat people tend to be heavier than people who are around thinner people all the time. It is much easier to choose to over eat when you are with other people overeating. In fact it is rare that a person can effectively lose weight if they don't change the people who the are around or at least get the entire group to commit to a weight loss plan.